Are you sending your child(ren) to Catholic (K-8) elementary school?  The St. Cecilia Catholic School Parents’ Association invites you to be a member. 

 For many years St. Cecilia’s has maintained a commitment to Catholic education by inviting parents enrolled in area Catholic elementary schools to form an informal association to help develop funds for a grant program to off-set their tuition costs. To be eligible for these modest grants, participating parents sign an agreement to participate in developing a fund-raising event to help build the fund. In addition, our parish also has a special collection during Catholic Schools Week in early February. A grant amount (based on available funds) is sent in early Spring on the parent’s behalf to the school where their child attends.

Interested parents must sign an enrollment agreement by September 1 of the school year with the commitment to participate in the fundraising process.  The grant amount will be determined by the total of funds raised by a distribution date around April 15 of that school year. To participate in the coming school year, please call Linda Whiteneck in the parish office at 651.644.4502 with further questions or to make arrangements to sign the agreement.




Catholic School Parents' Association




      Saturday     4:30pm

      Sunday           8:15aM &




      Saturday      3:45pm

      or by appointment