The Community Building Team's ministry is to recognize and identify the gifts and charisms of parishioners, and to link individuals with activities and needs matching their abilities. The team is responsible for conducting an annual survey of service opportunities and parishioner's interests, and for working with individuals who wish to share their talents with the community of St. Cecilia's and beyond.

Contact us here or by calling the parish office at 651.644.4502.

St. Cecilia’s has a long history of parishioner involvement and we’re grateful for this.  Please click the below links for more information on how to be involved at St. Cecilia and to complete the ministry sign up brochure indicating your interest in serving or recommitting.  

Ministry Sign Up Booklet

Community Building Team




      Saturday      4:30pm

      Sunday           8:15aM &




      Saturday     3:45pm

      or by appointment