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Immigrant & Refugee Assist Effort

"You shall treat the alien who resides with you no differently than the natives born among you; have the same love for him as for yourself; for you to were once aliens in the land of Egypt"  (Lv 19:33-34)

Support for our Brothers and Sisters (Bulletin Article April 16, 2017)


Supporting Sanctuary Declaration
The Parish Community Council recognizes the need to respond to the Immigrant and Refugee Communities of the Twin Cities that are threatened by increased anti-immigration policies and accepts the recommendation of the Immigration Support Task Force at St Cecilia's. We thereby declare St. Cecilia's Catholic Church to be a Supporting Sanctuary Church. We encourage parish members to embrace the values and to undertake the action components in the resolution outlined by the Task Force.

These include:

1. Becoming a community of love, faith, hospitality, and fellowship for all Sanctuary and Supporting Sanctuary Churches, which encompasses many different denominations in the Twin Cities and throughout the state of Minnesota,

2. Hosting prayer vigils and declarations of moral and spiritual support for immigrants and their families,

3. Providing tangible and physical resources to one or more partnering Sanctuary Churches of various denominations in the Twin City Area,

4. Providing monetary aid, food, clothing, and related items to our partner Sanctuary Churches through the regular collection of donations administered by the parish of St. Cecilia’s,

5. Providing accompaniment to people in Sanctuary care,

6. Providing support for parish members and others who decide to become rapid responders in situations of public need such as press conferences, immigration raids, demonstrations, and similar public actions,

7. Engaging in advocacy for legislation and legal action to alleviate the threat to immigrants and refugees,

8. Conducting other activities as needed to support immigrants and their families during stressful times.
The full text of the Task Force resolution has been posted here.