The following are ways that parish members serve each other through our liturgical life at St Cecilia's:

Parish staff members and parishioners meet regularly throughout the year to organize and plan our liturgies, study the foundations of our liturgical tradition, review and set policies that guide our worship life. Minutes of committee meetings and meeting times are posted to provide information and to encourage parishioner in-put or response.

Many parishioners share generous time and talent to support our worship at St. Cecilia's. Members of our parish staff and other community leaders provide training and on-going support and formation for all who are involved. Marge Virnig our Pastoral Associate can be contacted at (651.644.4502, ext. 12) or by email for further information. Our annual Shared Ministry invitation process also provides an opportunity for parish members to express their desire to serve.

The Ministry of Lector
Lectors share their gifts to proclaim the Word of God at our weekend celebrations and other prayer gatherings. This important ministry guides us as we encounter the stories and wisdom of our faith.

The Ministry of Eucharistic Minister
Eucharistic Ministers not only assist in the communal sharing of the sacred bread and wine at Mass, but many also extend the life of our community as they bring the Eucharist to those in our community who are sick or homebound.

The Ministry of Sacristan
Sacristans have a vital role in assuring that the “behind the scene” details are in place for the liturgy to unfold smoothly. They assist in many ways such as coordinating the various liturgical processions and collections, and they help to set up and clean up before and after the actual liturgical celebration.

The Ministry of Hospitality
It is very important that parishioners and guests feel welcome when we gather to worship, and our ministers of hospitality help create a friendly and hospitable welcome. They make sure that all receive the parish bulletin, coordinate the collection of gifts and answer questions or give directions to visitors.

The Ministry of Acolyte (Server)
This Ministry is open to youth and adults, male and female alike. They lead processions with cross and candle, or assist with the liturgical books and altar vessels used by the Presider or other ministers.

The Ministry of Environment
This is a subcommittee under the direction of the liturgy committee, and their charge is to help create a visual environment for our community to pray. Through their creative work they help provide an atmosphere that reflects and gives unity and attention to the celebration of the various liturgical seasons and to our prayer together.

For liturgical minister assignment reminders, please refer to the bulletin.

Liturgical Ministries




      Saturday     4:30pm

      Sunday           8:15aM &




      Saturday     3:45pm

      or by appointment