The Ministry of Music

Saint Cecilia is the Patron Saint of Music.  We are blessed to have many people who share their gifts of time and talent with St. Cecilia's.  You are welcome to explore any of the opportunities listed below.

Our Adult Choir rehearses on Tuesday evenings and leads the singing at most of the 10:00 Masses.  Their singing also adds solemnity to other special celebrations September - May.  Our Cantors encourage and lead the sung prayer at all of the Masses and Instrumentalists add spirit to liturgies by playing a variety of instruments throughout the year.  Rehearsals are led by our Music Director, Jeanne Dold.  Other opportunities include occasionally singing/playing at the Wednesday night Faith Formation gatherings and participating in our seasonal Evening Prayers.  Some music ministries require an audition.  When sufficient numbers allow, a Youth Choir may take shape to assist at special liturgical events.  ​ For more information about our parish music ministry, contact Jeanne at (651.644.4502, ext 15 ) or by e-mail.

Cantor Schedule

Music Ministries




      Saturday      4:30pm

      Sunday           8:15aM &




      Saturday      3:45pm

      or by appointment