As individuals or families, members of our community are active in local neighborhood organizations or schools.  Acting together, we respond to needs in our larger metropolitan community or issues that impact us globally.  St. Cecilia's provides a variety of opportunities for us to support each other as faithful citizens and stewards of the world's resources.

We partner with other churches in programs that provide housing or shelter, such as Habitat for Humanity or the St. Paul Council of Churches Project Home.  A portion of our annual parish budget is shared with Keystone Communities which serves the needs of the underserved in the St. Paul area.  A Parish Discretionary Fund also provides an annual grant to community organization's or individuals to support efforts that serve the cause of justice and charity.  Our parish Alms Box and monthly Food Drives enable us to assist needy individuals as does our annual Holiday Giving Tree.

With the larger church, we also share our resources to promote justice through the American Bishop's Campaign for Human Development and global emergency response to the suffering through Catholic Relief Services.

Our Social Justice Team currently gathers a number of parishioners in the JustFaith process of reflection and action to help our community to pay attention to seek opportunities that promote our Catholic principles of Social Justice. 





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